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Millie the Alpaca

Who would have thought that Millie the alpaca would be the answer to 106-year-old Elma’s birthday wish? But that’s exactly what happened. Elma said she wanted to meet an alpaca, and her granddaughter Kathy took to social media to see what happened.

What happened was Jan. Jan saw the Facebook post and stepped in to be Elma’s fairy godmother for a day. Jan’s thought was, why not make someone happy? So Elma’s family all gathered at the Woolgoolga Reserve not far from their home in New South Wales, Australia to meet Millie.

Elma was overjoyed, saying she likes and misses animals. Such a unique but small request. So many supportive people rallying together. What a great experience for all involved. It just goes to show that making someone’s day can happen for people of any age. We don’t put our wishes on a shelf based on our age. At 100 Year Lifestyle we believe that curiosity and wanting to learn and experience should be a part of our lives until our last breath. Elma is certainly still mentally active – and knows what she wants – at age 106.

Kudos to Kathy and Jan for stepping up to make Elma’s wish come true. How much of your 100:100 is spent in service to friends, family, community – and even strangers? When was the last time you made someone’s day? It’s something we can all think about, and hopefully act upon. And the good news is that when you make their day, you most likely will make your own as well. It’s the ultimate win-win!

Want to watch the moment when Elma and Millie met? Click here.








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