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Your 100 Year Lifestyle just got even better! The 100 Year Lifestyle introduced StriveLife Superfoods to our community recently, and the response has been amazing. StriveLife is the first food product to be given The 100 Year Lifestyle endorsement. It will be a valuable – and delicious – part of your 100 Year Lifestyle.

People on a Mission

StriveLife founder Alex Sellers and his wife and Co-Founder Claudine Molson-Sellers are on a mission. They want to nourish people and preserve the health of the planet. Through their StriveLife Superfoods they seek to offer their clients genetics-based, restorative, delicious foods that are inspired by nature and the many cultures of the world.

Additionally, their loving intent is backed by their combined deep knowledge and understanding of more than just food. It includes nature, human health, human evolution, food cultivation, formulation, and preparation. They want to ensure they provide the best blends of organic superfoods available. So, their products are reviewed by a Natural Doctor, a Nutritionist, and a Board Certified Herbal Medicine Specialist. They do this to help people reach their dreams by fueling them with the highest quality superfoods available.

Got You Covered

The StriveLife system offers three specially formulated products: Mojo Risin’, Buck Naked Greens, and Mellow Moon Mylk. Each of these superfood blends is organic and adaptogen-rich. An adaptogen is a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect on bodily processes. Together, they meet your daytime and nighttime needs while supporting health and promoting longevity.

Each blend is specially formulated to support body system performance. Their variety and quantity of low-carb, plant-based minerals and micronutrients support optimal body system performance.

By consuming these blends three times throughout the day, you are getting StriveLife’s full combination of superfood ingredients, maximizing your health and energy throughout the day, and supporting your healthy longevity.


Mojo Risin’ vs Competition

Mojo Risin’ with let you take on the day full of energy, clear headed and focused, and with a sunny disposition.


Buck Naked Greens vs Competition

Buck Naked Greens will give you the energy you need to make it through the day while supporting your immunity, digestive, respiratory, and nervous systems.


Mellow Moon Mylk vs Competition

Mellow Moon Mylk’s adaptogen-rich blend supports mental and physical de-stressing to promote deep sleep and recovery.

Part of Your Lifestyle

StriveLife Superfoods are worthy of the 100 Year Lifestyle endorsement because they support your entire lifestyle. From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep, they support your body and its innate intelligence. 24/7 they provide your body with what it needs to function at its highest level – and then get up and have another great day tomorrow.

Versatile Goodness

Not a fan of smoothies? You don’t have to be. Each Strive Superfoods blend comes with alternative ways to consume and enjoy! Whether you want to add your mid-day boost into hummus, salsa, guacamole, or a sauce at lunch or want to add your Mojo Risin’ to your morning latte routine, Strive has you covered. Need a sweet to end your day? Mellow Moon Mylk can be baked into your favorite goodie or stirred into a cup of yogurt for a late night snack. There has never before been a more nutritious, delicious, or versatile support system.

Interested in more. All the details are available on the Strive website. They are as proud of their transparency as they are of their ingredients, process, and final products. It’s all amazing.

Make Sure

Interested in getting a starter kit 7 day supply or a full 30 day supply? Click here to take your 100 Year Lifestyle to the next level. We all know that a healthy diet is not only important, but imperative to a healthy lifestyle and healthy longevity. Are you sure you’re doing everything you can to make sure the foods you consume are supporting your goals? Adding Strive Superfoods to your diet will make you sure. It’s a great thing to do for yourself and the ones you love.

By the way, 3% of all the proceeds from the Sale of Strive Superfoods go to support the preservation of endangered species, at-risk ecosystems, and the preservation of indigenously diverse and unique cultures.

Because Authenticity Matters

Another thing that makes StriveLife unique, is they actually research, test, and make their own products in their own USDA Certified facility in Sandy Springs, GA, just 3 miles from the 100 Year Lifestyle HQ. No other competitor can claim that they actually have researched, developed, tested, and make their own products. All other competitors actually outsource research, development and production to third party factories that produce dozens of products for what amounts to different “marketing” firms, the brands of the other supplement companies.

This transparency, access, and authenticity are some of the key reasons 100 Year Lifestyle has chosen to partner with StriveLife. Give it a try today!

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